Sutherland Shire Tax and Estate Planning

Sutherland Shire tax and estate planningWith over twenty years of experience in serving the residents of Sydney’s Cronulla Sutherland area, we help you gather all the bits of the accountancy in order to make a whole picture.

Sutherland Shire Tax And Estate Planning Specialist

It is essential to comply with tax regulations but tax planners make sure that you get the most tax benefits and allow for the growth and development of both your business and personal wealth.

Deal with Tax Planning specialists. We have your best interests at heart. Would you like Wealth From Equity’s aid in:

  • Reducing Capital Gains Tax liabilities when your business is sold?
  • Making sure you get the maximum CGT and GST relief when the family business is handed over?
  • Ensuring that you get the maximum Tax Relief at Retirement?
  • Making sure that you are not adversely affected by private company loans?
  • Legally reducing the annual Income Tax you need to pay?
  • Deciding whether or not to buy assets for the business in your personal capacity and then deciding whether or not to lease these back to the business.

Securing Your Future Through In Depth Tax Planning.

Just about every decision you make in business has repercussions on your tax bill. We are specialists at maximising tax relief legitimately, the restructuring of transactions and have prevented out clients paying lots of additional costs as a result. Whatever financial decisions you face – whether they are buying a car, having a loan refinanced or selling an asset, you should consult with us before making a final decision.

Work with us to create a legitimate tax reduction strategy and let us assist you in taking steps to ensure that you get to retain as much of your hard-earned salary as possible.

Contact me for any and all of your Sutherland Shire tax and estate planning needs.

If you are looking for ethical, innovative, proactive and constructive advice in matters relating to accounting, contac tme at Wealth From Equity. With my wealth of experience, I am able to give you the best tax advice. We are also able to efficiently prepare tax returns and enable the maximisation of legal deductions through the lodgement of your tax return. We do all this with the ultimate goal of gaining the best possible tax refunds.

If you have a small business, you can use our small business accounting services to assist you in defining your business needs. We will assist you in determining the best solution for your business accounting and tax planning for now and into the future. It is as easy as enquiring online or contacting us on 02 9523 9550 to get our assistance in solving you accounting or tax problems.

Estate Planning

Where do you want to be financially in ten years time? Have you thought about the future? Will you have enough to retire on? Generally you need four times your average salary to maintain your living conditions and that may only be to get by on depending on your future needs. You may have a high paid position now but once you retire then super or a pension will not be enough to replace your current earnings. Also you income will be fixed once you retire and you may want to travel or have special medical needs who knows.

I can show you to you how to build wealth using your current equity. Wealth comes from a number of sources and does not have to be through property investment, but I can show you the choices you can have.

Simple explanations to can get you started on the road to better wealth. I don’t have any large schemes that can get you a million dollars in property and even more debt at interest only. Don’t be fooled by these investment gurus who say they own millions worth of property yet in reality they own nothing, their banks do.

If you think your super will provide for you in the future think again. Approximately 70% of all super is tired up in equity (shares, etc). The average fund lost 40% of their net wealth during the Global Financial Crisis. There are better ways and a discussion with me costs nothing and could save you a fortune. Call me on 02 9523 9550 to get started today with our Sutherland Shire tax and estate planning service.